PAWA develops and installs solar power plants in Switzerland.

We have two types of super heroes partners who help us achieve our work:

1. People and institutions who lend money to PAWA

2. Property owners who rent us their roof and get also cheaper and greener electricity produced by PAWA

Lend us money or let us rent your roof


PAWA was founded to provide alternative investment solutions for a greener future. By investing in our solar projects you help the energy transition to happen now as it is one of the most urgent transition to do for climate mitigation.
Our lending solutions allow everyone with even small entry capital to get good return on investment on a safe asset.

investissement energie renouvelable

Project 1 in Gy, Geneva

This power plant will allow to provide the electricity needed for 32 households of 4 rooms apartments in Geneva. It will also help this wine maker produce his wine with green and local power. 


Project 2 in Geneva center

This second investment in Geneva center will allow to produce electricity even more locally for about 10 apartments and the restaurant in this building. It is crucial for an efficient grid to have the electricity produced as close as it can to the consumers.


You can find in this chapter the latest news on energy transition and crowdfunding / crowdlending.

How are solar panels made and so efficient?

How are solar panels made and so efficient?

Nowadays it takes only a year for the photovoltaic panels to produce the electricity needed to produce them. How are they built ? Photovoltaic panels are made of silicim which represents 28% of the Earth crust. As we understood silicium is everywhere. Sometimes it is...


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